XI.2014 – Preliminary activities – make logo for our project!

Erasmus+ logo logo tłem

10.XII.2014 – Test connection with Bridgit.cz server.


12.XII. 2014 – First project activity: training session on-line.

nawww04 nawww03 nawww02 nawww01


28-30.01.2015 First project meeting, Praha, Czech Republic

26-30.04.2015 Competition meeting in Poland

Day 1: 26.04.2015


Day 2: 27.04.2015

Visiting Bierkowice, folk culture of opolskie region, led by Adam Urbaniak, his family and friends, in silesian traditional “mazelonka” (dress) our turkish friend Sengül.

czw01 czw03 czw04 czw05 czw06 czw07 czw08 czw09czw10

Day 3: 28.04.2015 Orientation run through Opole using GPS, next picnic and training fire prevetion

meet03 meet04 meet05 meet06 meet07 meet08 meet10 meet11 meet14 meet15 meet16 meet17 meet18 meet20 meet23 meet25

Day 4 29.04.2015

Presentations and competition quiz –

View results here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_2-iYLZE572rxKq46fDkolyPF3LtXkq7L83dyMhfIRw/viewanalytics

Electrotechnic lesson led by Joachim Strzałka

Alarm lesson led by Piotr Muszyński

Making posters in school library.

czw38  czw32 czw33 czw34 czw35 czw36

Certificate ceremony.


Dving lesson thanks to Diving-Ecology_Education organisation.

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