The timetable for a KA2 project: Practical Learning English through Multimedia and ICT (PLEMICT)

For each topic the students in cooperation with their teachers should send to their partners 10 presentations of at least 6 slides.
These presentations should consist of reading and use of English exercises without the keys.
So texts with specific information about our countries should be adapted for learning English language.
During the next 2 month period these answers should be sent back by the partners.
Competition meetings should revise mostly the specific information which the students have learned about the partner countries.
So they should be concentrated on realia of the host country.
*) the number in brakets shows the number of presentations one each country.

Month/year Action – students & teachers
9.2014 1/9/2014 – beginning of the project
10.2014  Organization: preparing contract, changing timetable, making WWW site. Information about project for students and teachers.
11.2014 Recruiting students, working with recruitment and participation in project rules.
12.2014 Training at Smart Notebook programming for involved studentsOur lifestyle, feasts and celebrations in our country
1.2015 1. Introduction of involved students (10 presentations).
28-30.01.2015 Start meeting for teachers.
Partner meeting in Prague (1day arrival, 1day conference and presentation of 3D laboratory, 1 day departure);
28.01.2015 13,00 – welcome lunch in restaurant; visiting Praha – New Town with guide.
29.01.2015 9,00 – meeting in hotel, transfer to school by bus, welcome in headmaster’s office, presentations about school, visiting laboratories, departure to hotel; visiting Prague – Old Town
30.01.2015 farewell meeting in hotel, departure of guests.
2.2015 2. Our schools and  hometowns  and their places of interest (10 presentations).

Organization of meeting in Poland.

3.2015 3. Our capital city and its places of interest (10 presentations).

Organization of meeting in Poland.

4.2015 4. Polite an impolite behaviour in our countries (5 presentations)

26-30.04.2015 Competition meeting in Poland (5 days).
26.04. – 19,00 – welcome of turkish group in Praha airport. Transfer to Poland.
27.04. – meeting of groups in school, refreshment, transfer to Museum-skansen Bierkowice, silesian folklore lesson, sightseeing, return to homes and hotel.
28.04. – 8,00 meeting in school, GPS lesson, students divided in 5 groups are seeking out points of interest in Opole – orientation run.Meta: Głogowska street, fire brigade. Lunch break.Fire prevention technology and equipment – workshop.
29.04. –  8,00 meeting in school. Presentations of teams (3 each team), competition quiz, lunch break; electrotechnic lesson/alarm systems lesson (in groups), making poster, announcement of competition results. Certificate ceremony.
18,30 meeting on swimming pool Wodna Nuta, Pruszkowska Street, diving lesson.
30.04. – 5,45 farewell meeting in school,  transfer to Prague.

5.2015 4. Our political systems (5), 

5. feasts and celebrations (5)

10.2015 6. Our countries and their places of interest, national parks (10)
11.2015 7. Our national cuisine (10),

dissemination activities

12.2015 dissemination activities
1.2016 8. History of our countries (10 presentations).
2.2016 9. The most important personalities of our history  (10 presentations).
3.2016 10. Famous scientists and inventors of our countries  (5 presentations).
4.2016  Competition meeting in Turkey (4 days: arrival, 1 day sightseeing, a competition day, departure)
5.2016 11. The most important personalities of our history
10.2016 12.Culture in our countries: famous books, theatre plays and films  and their authors (10)
11.2016 Culture in our countries: famous books, theatre plays and films and their authors
12.2016 13. Sports in our countries, the most important sport events
1.2017 14. The most famous sportsmen of our countries (10)
2.2017 The most famous sportsmen of our countries
3.2017 15. Famous firms through the history of our countries and now
4.2017 Competition meeting in the Czech Republic
  (5 days: sightseeing, a competition day, presentation of a theatre play connected to our history)
5.2017  Dissemination activities
6.2017  Dissemination activities
7.2017  Reporting
8.2017 31/8 2017 the end of the project


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